Shirley Buzzard, Heartlands President

Heartlands International, Ltd. was founded in 1983 as a sole proprietor small business. Its president, Shirley Buzzard, consulted professionally in over 50 countries through that firm. In 2003, she divided the company into two firms, a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Heartlands International, Inc. and a for-profit firm Heartlands International, Ltd. She built both firms simultaneously to financial sustainability and resigned from the non-profit in 2006. Heartlands International, Ltd. is certified as a small-disadvantaged business by the Small Business Administration based on our founder's Native American heritage.

About Dr. Buzzard

Dr. Buzzard is trained as a medical anthropologist and community development expert. In her 25 years as a professional consultant, she was best know for her work in monitoring and evaluation and her skills as a master trainer. She carried out over 40 outside evaluations for USAID, the World Bank and many nonprofit development organizations. She also designed and carry out over 150 workshops, seminars, and other training events in the U.S. and overseas.

Rich in Resources and Experience

Heartlands International, Ltd. is subcontractor in seven large USAID contracts and we also provide consultants to corporations and nonprofits on specific management issues. Heartlands maintains a roster of senior consultants that we can call on to provide technical assistance that meets the specific needs of our clients. Contact Us today.